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Types of Massage Therapy

***Integrated Massage***

...a combination of therapeutic modalities that address each individual's unique issues for a deeply relaxing, therapeutic experience.


...Incorporates long, gliding strokes, muscle-kneading
and trigger point manipulation to soothe the nervous system,
relieve sore muscles, and promote health and relaxation.

Neuromuscular Therapy

...uses pressure therapy to break the pain-spasm-pain cycle and
relax muscles/muscle spasms so circulation/oxygenation is
more efficient and relaxation occurs.

Craniosacral Therapy

...works via the environment in which the brain/spinal cord
develops and functions to release restrictions in these membranes.

Myofascial Release

...treats restrictions in the body's fascia (its supportive connective
tissue) and muscles by application of gentle traction, pressure,
and positioning .

Deep Tissue Therapy

...releases chronic patterns of muscular tension by use of slow
strokes, direct pressure, and/or friction--usually focused on a
problem area.


...application of specific pressures to reflex areas on feet/hands
that correspond to all organs, glands, and parts of the body.


...a static touch therapy that works with the body's energy system to promote health and healing.

Chair/Seated Massage

...a less formal method delivered while the client is seated,
fully clothed, in a special massage chair.